School Shows

 Math, Science, and Social Studies Shows

The Milky Way, Moons and Meteorites! (Kindergarten-Fifth Grade)
The students learn about Earth, Earth’s atmosphere, our solar system, the planets, friction, the greenhouse effect and the difference between meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids.  We also talk about stars, shooting stars, planets that look like stars, the moon, and historical figures from space history like Yuri Gargarin, Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride. Click here for the post-assembly worksheet.

“Dino provides a fun and engaging learning experience for our students each year! They are always excited to learn about outer space and science through his music and stories.”
– Laura Bates, Principal, Discovery Ridge Elementary School, Wentzville, Missouri

Dinosaurs and Dragonflies (Kindergarten-Fifth Grade)

The students learn about three eras of life on Earth: paleozoic means “ancient life” and this age primarily consisted of marine life; mesozoic means “middle life” and this was the age of the reptile or the age of the dinosaur; cenozoic means “new life” and this is the age of the mammal. The students also engage in a puppet show about giant prehistoric dragonflies, learn about the megalodon, the largest shark in the history of the world, and define how to identify a mammal.

Around the World with Dinosaur O’Dell (Kindergarten-Third Grade)
This geographical journey transports students to all seven continents and highlights details about each one. The students learn about the world’s longest river, tallest mountain, and the largest desert. Students also learn the names and  locations of all the continents, and important cultural facts about each one. For example, pizza was invented in Europe; piranhas are found in South America’s Amazon river; and basketball was invented in North America.

Music, Language and Math (Preschool-Second Grade)
The students meet a cowboy that doesn’t like taking baths, a space alien that needs help fixing his spaceship and Dino’s grandfather, who tells them stories about making pancakes. All the while, the students engage in songs that reinforce counting odd and even numbers, counting by 3’s, 5’s, and 10’s, as well as counting in English and Spanish. They explore math concepts and vocabulary like odd and even numbers and the word quadruple.  As a bonus, the students are reminded of the meaning of the words fiction and nonfiction and they have the opportunity to learn about personal choice and responsibility.

Health and Nutrition Shows

Eat Like a Rabbit, Swim in Peanut Butter, and Other Healthy Tricks (Preschool-Kindergarten)
Dino is the “Nutrition Musician”, and he communicates his message about healthy food and an active lifestyle. The students meet a vegetable-eating rabbit who never stops jumping, an exercising cowboy who swims in peanut butter, and a space alien who tries and fails to fuel his spaceship with junk food. On your mark, get set, let’s get healthy!

Blast-Off to Health! (Kindergarten-Second Grade)
This show was developed in conjunction with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City and Kansas City Young Audiences. It is similar to Eat Like a Rabbit…, but the message has been adjusted for the early elementary grades. The students learn the Health Countdown: five fruits and veggies, four glasses of water, three glasses of milk, two hours or less of screen time, and one hour of exercise – then blast-off to health!

Student Workshop

The Really Awesome, Super-Perfect, Song Writing Workshop! (Fourth-Sixth Grade)
Award winning songwriter Dinosaur O’Dell explores the creative process with a hands-on songwriting workshop.  Dino utilizes improvisation, idea generation, and collaboration techniques to tease the rhythm, melody, and lyrics from students’ imaginations.  Students are encouraged to use rhyme, alliteration, and poetry to communicate their thoughts through music.  The class size is limited to 25 students.

On the Beat: A Rockin’, Stompin’ Rhythm Workshop. (Fourth-Sixth Grade)
Students learn to recognize song form: chorus, verse, and bridge. They learn about bucket-drum technique: side stick, click stick, and hand mute. All while practicing simple sight reading, call and response, and body-rhythms. The class size is limited to 25 students.

Teacher Training

Click here for information on Dino’s accredited teacher training: Motivation, Interaction, and Space Aliens: How to Trick Earthlings into Learning.
This 2 hour workshop includes theory, examples, and a step-by-step interactive model of how and why to integrate music and stories into the early childhood curriculum.  It is an accredited in-service for preschool teachers in Kansas and Missouri.

Show Sound Bites
*approximately 45 minutes long
*can entertain and educate up to 250 students
*target audience varies with theme: range is preschool-third grade
*six show themes currently available
*student experience is motivating and interactive
*students will sing, dance, act, and dialogue with Dino and each other
*shows encourage physical coordination, mental focus, and social awareness
*student activity sheets available for reinforcing the content
*musical styles presented:  blues, country, klezmer, polka, funk, rap, reggae, and rock ‘n roll
*small performance area with an electrical outlet is required
*sound system is provided