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Dinosaur and the T-Rex All-Stars

Zar and the Broken Spaceship

“It’s an interactive book about a green, three-eyed, space alien. What is there NOT to like?”
– Macaroni Kid, July 2015

“Story Monster approved!”
– Story Monster Ink, July, 2015

“The pictures are fun and kid-friendly and so is the message of the book. . . . I highly recommend it for your child.”
– Baby Bookworms, June, 2015

“We hated for this story to end, we loved it so much!”
– Mommy’s Block Party, June, 2015

“Wildly fun”
– Kids Can Groove, July, 2015

“The fun, interactive aspects of the story have made it such a hit with the preschoolers that it quickly became the finale of each story time.”
– Kids Rhythm and Rock, March 2017

“A fun, educational experience”
– Midwest Book Review, October, 2015
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$25.00 – Out of Stock – We will have books available in November, 2023.

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This interactive, read-aloud picture book is about three friends who hear a strange and otherworldly sound as they walk through a park. The sound is a spaceship that has crashed and the friends meet a green, three-eyed alien named Zar. As they fix Zar’s broken ship, they pickup a bit of the space-alien language, learn a lot about teamwork, and make a new and unusual friend.

Print“Outer Space”

Released in 2012

Features Dino, Grandpa O’Dell, Zar and Brother John

“Learning hasn’t been this groovy since School House Rock.” – School Library Journal

“IT IS FUN! My four-year-old LOVED it.”
– Curriculum Choice

“Delicious” – Parent’s Choice

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Itty Bitty Monsters

“Itty Bitty Monsters”

Released 2006

features Dino, Zar, Grandpa O’Dell

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“Driving with toddlers will never be the same.  They LOVE Itty Bitty Monsters.  Not only are they entertained but they are actually LEARNING!”
– Deborah Edwards, Mom, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Dino O'Dell & the Veloci-Rappers

“Dino O’Dell & the Veloci-Rappers”

Released 2003

features Dino and Monique Danielle

“An impressively accomplished debut album” – “Book List”

“Dino’s CD makes me feel really happy and glad because his singing is so sweet and fun.” -Cori, age 6

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