Zar and the Broken Spaceship

Zar and the Broken Spaceship

“It’s an interactive book about a green, three-eyed, space alien. What is there NOT to like?”
- Macaroni Kid, July 2015

“Story Monster approved!”
- Story Monster Ink, July, 2015

“The pictures are fun and kid-friendly and so is the message of the book. . . . I highly recommend it for your child.”
- Baby Bookworms, June, 2015

“We hated for this story to end, we loved it so much!”
- Mommy’s Block Party, June, 2015

“Wildly fun”
- Kids Can Groove, July, 2015

It’s available for purchase in the Kansas City area at the Reading Reptile and the Learning Tree.
And in Des Moines, Iowa at Beaverdale Books.
And in Wichita, Kansas at Watermark Books.
It’s also available for purchase through my website; Click here.


Was there really a spaceship discovered in the desert close to Roswell, New Mexico on July 2, 1947? What’s up with crop circles? Why is space-alien the most oft spoken language at a Dino O’Dell show? Zar and the Broken Spaceship is due to land in stores on July 2, which is World UFO Day. Click on Zar’s image and be transported to the ordering page at the speed of light.








SchoolofRock It was a packed house. 3, 4 and 5 year olds jumping and laughing. Doo-Dad Mike was on stage singing about dinosaurs. I was at the School of Rock in Overland Park and I started talking with a new-to-Kansas City parent. She was genuinely surprised by all the free and nearly free performances for the young ones around town. She confided that it hadn’t been like this in her previous city. In honor of the new parents, here is a non-comprehensive list of children’s concert series in Kansas City’s thriving kid’s music scene. Always check the host websites to insure that there isn’t a deviation from the schedule. I can barely keep track of my own calendar, so it’s unlikely that I will notice a scheduling anomaly for one of these shows. And don’t hesitate to contact me ( about a series that should be included. Year-Round Series: 1 – The 1st Wednesday of every month at 10 AM at either the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center or the Matt Ross Community Center (City of Overland Park, KS); there are a variety of performance mediums, but most are musicians. Here’s a list: June 3 – Funky Mama at (TRCC) – 10 AM July 8 - Percussion Magic (MRCC) – 10 AM Aug. 5 - Dino O’Dell at (TRCC) – 10 AM 2 – The 1st Friday of every month at 10 AM; the Jazz Storytellers, led by jazz vocalist extraordinaire, Lisa Henry, and storyteller, Brother John, perform at the Jazz Museum (18th and Vine District, Kansas City, MO). June 5 – The Jazz Storytellers – 10 AM July 3 – The Jazz Storytellers – 10 AM 3 – Every Friday at 7:30 at the Plaza branch of the Kansas City Library. The Truman Auditorium presents a variety of different kid’s events ranging from music, juggling, magic, crafts, theater, etc. June 5 – Brandon Draper’s Drum Safari – 6:30 PM June 12 – Laughing Matters (Juggling, storytelling and fun) – 6:30 PM June 19 – Superhero Training Camp (Crafts) – 6:30 PM June 26 – Paul Mesner Puppets’ “Rapunzel” – 6 PM July 3 – Dino O’Dell (Book Release Concert and Party) – 6:30 PM 4 – Wonderpalooza is on a Saturday every month of the year. You have to check the schedule because it could be the first Saturday, the last Saturday or any Saturday in between. And it takes place at Wonderscope Children’s Museum in Shawnee, Kansas.  June 20 – 11:00 a.m. – Janie Next Door July 11 – 11:00 a.m. – Sugar Free All-Stars August 15 – 11:00 a.m. – Drum Safari Summer Series: 1 – Popsicle in the Park is every Tuesday at 6:30 PM for eight weeks beginning on the first Tuesday in June. The show rotates park locations in the city of Independence, MO. The evening begins with music, followed by free popsicles, and ends with a puppeteer or storyteller. June 2 – Dino O’Dell and Picadilly Puppets - Fairmount Park, 300 N. Home Ave. June 9 – Drum Safari and Picadilly Puppets - Glendale Park, 16010 E Crackerneck Road June 16 – Dino O’Dell and Picadilly Puppets - Sycamore Hills Park, 3700 S. Haden Drive June 23 – Janie Next Door and Picadilly Puppets - Beckett Park, 2701 S. Cherokee Street June 30 – Janie Next Door and Picadilly Puppets - Santa Fe Park, 2731 S. Santa Fe Road 2 – Ironwood Park Kid’s Concert Series is sponsored by the City of Leawood and takes place every Tuesday in June at 9:30 AM at Ironwoods Park (145th and Mission Road.) June 2 – StoneLion Puppets June 9 – Funky Mama Music June 16 – Kevin Horner Ventriloquism June 23 – Dino O’Dell Duo June 30 – Brian Wendling Juggling Winter Series: 1 – Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from October through March at the School of Rock (93rd and Metcalf, Overland Park, KS) is the Little Rockers Concert Series hosted by me. Schedule TBD. 2 – Saturdays in December leading up to Christmas is Crown Center’s Holiday Concert Series. Performances are at noon and 2 PM. See you all at a show soon! – Dinosaur

Unknown Zooglobble announced the world premier of “Zar and the Broken Spaceship” at 8 AM this morning. Santiago Germano (The Dragonfly Song) art directed and animated the story of three friends that meet a space alien while walking in the park. AND, to top it off, the anniversary of the first human space flight is this Sunday. Yuri Gargarin denied ever seeing space aliens… but we know why he winked at the camera that one time in Moscow when he was strolling back to his apartment after enjoying a piroshki at an outdoor cafe in view of the Kremlin. (Nudge, nudge!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.32.58 AM The remix of “Zar” which is now called “Zar and the Broken Spaceship” will be released on April 10 along with a new video that will be available for free on YouTube. And Zar’s new 36 page, full color, hard cover picture book, Zar and the Broken Spaceship, will be released on July 2nd. And the Zar pre-order crowd funding campaign begins May 11. Here comes ZAR!

 Dino, Molly, and Pam’s Daycare on TV

Dino, Molly and Pam's Daycare on Fox 4

Dino, Molly and Pam’s Daycare on Fox 4

Here is the link to our recent adventure on Fox 4 News. Pam’s Daycare and Molly McGloughlin accompanied on “Itty Bitty Monsters”. 

Halloween: A Horror Story Halloween is this Friday and I know the preschool and elementary teachers are thanking their lucky stars. Usually, the day after Halloween falls on a school day, and for teachers it’s one of the most dreaded of the year. It’s right up there with testing week. On November 1, the kids drag into school with their blood-sugar levels bobbing like yoyos. They oscillate between sleep deprived zombies and hyperactive chihuahuas. What should be a normal and productive Thursday morning classroom is, as one teacher noted, “scarier than Halloween”. Chocolate is smuggled across school boundaries in bags and backpacks. Candy-contraband is passed behind teacher’s backs and dealt to friends at recess. An economic marketplace has sprung up overnight. The lunchroom is akin to the wall-street trading floor circa 1980; “I have two Hershey’s with almonds. Looking for gum.” They trade for purer forms of sugar;  “pixie sticks? pixie sticks, anyone?”. Something has got to be done. Heck, I’m not a spoil-sport. I don’t want to abolish Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays. When I was a boy we would use our candy as chips in low-stakes games of poker: Seven card draw with aces, 2s, 4s, one-eyed jacks, black 10s and diamond 7s as wildcards. “I’ll see your mini-box of candy corn and raise you a red lollipop.” “Does 5 of a kind beat 3 pairs?” We had no idea what we were doing. But we loved piling on the kid vices: sugar, caffeine, games of chance and a late bedtime. It was fun! The problem here is not a once-a-year sugar and chocolate feeding frenzy. The problem is the next morning. Zombies and chihuahua just aren’t very good at learning long division. There is a solution: move Halloween from the October 31 to the last Saturday of October. Simultaneously move Daylight Savings Time to Halloween night. This scenario has happened once previously, in 2009. I handed out candy. I went to a party. I went to sleep (later than usual). At 2 AM the clock moved back to 1 AM. Despite staying up late… I got my beauty rest. And so did all the kids. But it won’t happen again until 2020. Somebody stand up for what’s right and make this an issue for the next election cycle. As soon as I finish marking the cards for this Friday’s poker game, I will send an email to my congress person.

- October, 2014



MrKneel     This song, “Outer Space” by Mr. Kneel, is a remix of my song “Outer Space”.

Mr. Kneel is a children’s hip-hop artist based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is an incredible improvisational rapper and beat boxer. The first time I ever saw him perform he free-styled about the people in the audience. I remember what he rapped about me:

Dino has the wisdom, his mind is like yoda I have not met his wife, but I know she teaches yoga

And then he moved on to the next person and rapped about their baseball cap. Watching Mr. Kneel improvise is like watching a magic trick. You are surprised, grinning from ear to ear and in wondrous awe of how he does it. Check out the song and check out Mr. Kneel’s CD:

 - October, 2014


Field&Sign_sm An interstellar science adventure with Dinosaur O’Dell

K-3rd Grade

In this science based show about outer space, students learn about the planets in our solar system including properties that define the planets; the nighttime sky including the moon and the stars; the difference between meteors, meteoroids and meteorites; friction; and the greenhouse effect. The students are also introduced to a space alien named “Zar”.

Common Core State Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.5  Analyze the structure of the solar system, including how specific structural elements and larger portions of the solar system relate to each other and to the whole. Cognitive Strategies: Integrate and evaluate content.