Outer Space Remix

Outer Space Remix




This song, “Outer Space” by Mr. Kneel, is a remix of my song “Outer Space”.


Mr. Kneel is a children’s hip-hop artist based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is an incredible improvisational rapper and beat boxer. The first time I ever saw him perform he free-styled about the people in the audience. I remember what he rapped about me:

Dino has the wisdom, his mind is like yoda
I have not met his wife, but I know she teaches yoga

And then he moved on to the next person and rapped about their baseball cap. Watching Mr. Kneel improvise is like watching a magic trick. You are surprised, grinning from ear to ear and in wondrous awe of how he does it.

Check out the song and check out Mr. Kneel’s CD: http://mrkneel.com

 - October, 2014


An interstellar science adventure with Dinosaur O’Dell

K-3rd Grade

In this science based show about outer space, students learn about the planets in our solar system including properties that define the planets; the nighttime sky including the moon and the stars; the difference between meteors, meteoroids and meteorites; friction; and the greenhouse effect. The students are also introduced to a space alien named “Zar”.

Common Core State Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.5  Analyze the structure of the solar system, including how specific structural elements and larger portions of the solar system relate to each other and to the whole. Cognitive Strategies: Integrate and evaluate content.